Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cricketing rules changed : 121 to be the new Powar score

The CLT20 governing body in an attempt to lure back Airtel as sponsors have confirmed that whichever team scores their helpline number (121) in the ongoing tournament will be adjudged outright winner for that match. This rule has been defined as “121 zaroori hota hai” rule.

Kolkata Kiteriders was the first team to benefit out of this and were declared winners even before Auckland got a chance to start the chase. Being a new rule there was lots of confusion, but the team from down south decided to play ball once the Haar-yuck Khan decided to promote New Zealand tourism in his next ‘original’ film where he plays a college heartthrob. The Auckland players after the match have booked early tickets so that they can reach home early and start planting mustard/sunflower seeds in their farms.

Haar-yuck Khan also dedicated this win to his namesake ShowAb Yuck-Tar saying he deserves credit for his autobiography because it stands for something he strongly believes in and has been the focal point of Haar-yuck's movies for the past so many years, dishing out absolute nonsensical content. He also has decided to rename his film to ra.121 to commemorate this victory.

Eventhough this was a close match and the kiteriders have yet to strike form but if our contacts are to be believed then the semifinals spots are already fixed with Madrasans playing the Bhadraloks and the Aamchi Taporis playing Namma Kingfishers. Although an alternate faction in Bookies & Corrupt Corporation of India has come out with an analytical Model which predicts a different semifinals lineup with the south teams clashing in SFs. But everyone is unanimous about which team is going to 'cement' its place as the champions.

The BCCI is making an allout attempt to appease Airtel, they have proposed new un-Anglicized laws where the superstition around the Nelson score would be banned and 121 would be made the new superstition score. This also holds relevance because the net worth of the servants of a sugarcane baron in Maharastra has been found to be 121 crores. Hameesh Saheeba the renowned Indian umpire has openly come in support of this and has promised that he would raise both his legs and middle finger whenever this score is reached. Further he has asked this score to be named as the Powar Score.

But sources in Airtel have categorically stated that Bharti relationship with the Khan and his BCCI cohorts have hit an ebb and they are going ahead with sponsoring the rival venture to Ra-1, the F-1.

P.S : was written after KKR first match with Auckland in the ongoing CLT20 with a few modifications done today. Looking fwd to lots of insightful comments which wud inspire this newbie to write more blogs :)


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