Monday, August 10, 2009

The Beginning.....

I have been thinking of writing blogs since ages but never had the resolve nor dedication to start it . Finally after an exciting year in Bangalore (pun intended) I have reached this opinion that blogging is a good way to make time fly (rather, crawl). So I logged into my blogger account that I had created three years back and started typing down my first post.

So here I am sitting in front of my laptop and trying to put across my confused thoughts into words sitting on a cluttered table where half of my earthly possessions are currently strewn across. So why on a Sunday night I felt the sudden urge to write down a blog, well it has to do with the feeling of doing something constructive on a weekend, like all other weekends I plan completing an infinite number of tasks that are pending but at the end of it I finish adding few more to the list.

This Sunday was no different, I had planned to finish off The city of Djinns by William Darymple but I hardly read off the first fifty pages, it is not that the book is boring but I needed my Sunday mid day and afternoon siestas. So in between having extra spicy chicken, playing mafia on facebook and watching song videos of recent bollywod flicks on youtube I could just read off the first few chapters. The book is certainly a worthwhile read, its a travelogue ... the authors day to day experiences while staying in Delhi, his quest to dig deep into Delhi history and reading about the city's roots where you have spent the most number of years is always interesting. Hopefully I would post a blog about the book in coming days.

This weekend I had the misfortune of watching another much hyped Bollywood movie "Love Aaj Kal" which turned out to be drab. Looks like Bollywood has mastered the act of creating intresting trailers but the movie hardly stands up to such high expectations.I hope Kaminey is going to be different.

That's all for this post, have to reach office early tomorrow that is one more thing yet to be achieved in the infinite list of possibilities.

P.S. did not publish the blog on Sunday, had fallen asleep ... Its monday night already, was invariably late at office today morning, almost had missed the 11 am meeting.
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